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We're happy to announce that now we offer free Tenvir-EM or Ricovir-EM samples delivered by mail without prescription needed. It shows a sign of trust, reliability and quality of our bestsellers – generic version of Truvada which are oficially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Free Tenvir-EM sample pack (30 pills)

Free Ricovir-EM sample pack (30 pills)

Because we’re a group of PrEP users not sponsored by any organization, we kindly ask you to share this page anywhere on the web (facebook, twitter, your blog, etc) in order to get your free samples. This will help us to make PrEP as cheap and affordable as possible while keeping our online pharmacy up and running.

Once you share this page, all you’ll need to do is to proceed to the Checkout page and paste the share link into the Special Notes field. Also, as teleportation hasn’t been officially launched yet, you’ll have to pay the flat shipping fee of $29 (delivery takes 10-21 days for most countries in the world). For the express EMS shipping option $10 extra charge will apply. It is trackable and the delivery takes 7-10 days. It seems a small price to pay for something that could change your life.

Note: only one bottle of PrEP is allowed per customer so you have to choose between Tenvir-EM or Ricovir-EM. The offer is valid for new customers only. We do not allow free PrEP re-orders. 

What is a generic drug? Why is this so inexpensive?

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