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Do you accept credit and debit cards? Can I pay with my Visa/MasterCard? Can prepaid gift cards be used? 

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards, prepaid gift cardsZelle, PayPal & Bitcoin.

Accepting traditional payment methods is a nightmare for any online pharmacy (and its clients) because PayPal, Visa, AmEx, and MasterCard prohibit online transactions for prescription medications. They charge us enormous fees out of every sale via third-party processing gateways, impose huge fines on us, and block our bank accounts. This gang, together with “Big Pharma”, wants you to pay more by buying overpriced brand-named drugs.

Despite all the difficulties, we found a solution that works, but it requires both phone verification of the customer by Payofix - our payment processing partner; and calling your bank to authorize a foreign transaction. We continue to accept credit and debit card payments because you get used to them.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Bank Wire Transfers, e-Check, FastDebit, and Western Union at this moment.

For those customers who want to get rid of annoying banks and discover the huge potential of digital money, we offer a significant 10% discount when paying with Bitcoin.

Placing an Order With Bitcoins Step-By-Step

In this 4-minute video tutorial, we’re going to go over the Coinbase account creation steps. We show you how to set up and verify your Coinbase account and how to purchase your first bitcoin cents. Then we show you how to place your order with us and how to complete your payment with bitcoins step by step.


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